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About Us

Powertec Telecommunications is an Australian company that supplies telecommunications solutions to individuals and businesses around the world.

Founder and Managing Director Mr Raymond W Smith formed Powertec in 1995 after he recognised a need in the Australian telecommunications landscape for a low cost landline to mobile solution provider.

In 1997 Powertec introduced Telular's Fixed Cellular Terminals to Australia. Ericsson AB Sweden was impressed with Powertec's success at launching the product in Australia, so approached Powertec to sell Ericsson's Fixed Wireless Terminals (FWTs).

Powertec introduced a range of Booster and Repeater products in 1998, which are now shipped to carriers worldwide.

Ericsson AB Sweden was happy with Powertec’s efforts and the two companies formed a strong international relationship. In 2002, after five successful years of selling Ericsson’s FWTs, Powertec became the product’s exclusive Australasian distributor.

As its product range grew, so did Powertec's team. From its beginnings as a two man office on the Gold Coast of Australia, the company has grown in to an international company with additional offices in Sydney and Auckland. Powertec has a full Sales and Marketing department, IT and Tech Support team, as well as Administration support.

In 2012 we become the Australia Pacific distributor for Nextivity's Cel-Fi mobile smart repeaters. Cel-Fi is the first of its kind consumer product to be approved by all mobile carriers in Australia and helped us achieve our company mission of helping people stay connected.

Today Powertec supplies mobile carriers, large multinational companies, government departments, defence, emergency services, small to medium size businesses and individuals with hardware to communicate with the outside world.

Our Why

We believe in a world where everyone can communicate and be connected no matter where they may be.

Our MIssion

To provide wireless communication products and solutions that make a difference in people lives.

To be a leading company in the field of mobile communication technology, helping to educate the public and our dealer network on solutions.

To offer high quality products, that are reliable, durable and offer the best possible performance.

Strive to continually improve our internal systems, offering a high level of customer service, after sales support, prompt fulfilment and product education.

Our Vision

Our People – Have highly knowledgably team that are passionate about their jobs and helping offers.
Products - To offer products that solve a customer’s issue in the best possible way.
Dealers – Develop a loyal dealer network that creates enormous value for their customers.
Profit – Create long term profit that can be used to expand and find further solutions for our customers.
Innovation: Strive to offer the best possible solutions using the latest technology.

Our Values

Leadership: To be the best at what we do
Honesty: Be honest in everything we do
Integrity: To have the customer’s best interest at heart. Treat customers, suppliers, employees with respect and courtesy.
Responsibility: Be responsible for our actions and fix issues promptly
Listen: To actively listen to our customer’s needs, desires and wants.


Staff Profiles

Ray SmithRaymond Smith - Founder & Managing Director

Raymond is the founder of Powertec Telecommunications which he started in 1995.

With humble beginnings selling mobile phone accessories, his vision and leadership has built the company into a leading distributor of specialty telecommunications products.

An entrepreneur from an early age, he has over 45 years’ experience managing successful companies in Australia and New Zealand.

Raymond is a keen golfer!





Samantha CliftonSamantha Clifton - Operations/Marketing Manager

As Marketing Manager at Powertec, Samantha is responsible for managing our marketing departments facility.

Samantha joins Powertec Telecommunications with over 20 years’ experience in the Marketing arena including a 10 year stint in London where she worked with many well-known brands and advertising agencies including Barclays Bank, Harvard Business Review, Publishers Clearing House and Leo Burnett.  She started her career when mainframe computers and secretarial pools were commonplace (you may need to google) but has kept pace with new developments and enjoys her role marketing the exciting technology products Powertec distribute.






Ran McDonaldRan McDonald - Head of Sales

With over 25 years leading sales in high growth IT companies, Ran has refocussed Powertec on bringing more innovative solutions to our resellers and clients.

Ran has a Masters in Technology from UNSW and a Diploma in Financial Markets from Finsia.

Ran is a keen renovator, surfer and boater.





Geoff CarrollGeoff Carroll - Head Technical Department










Dealer Account Managers

Muir Groves
Ex QLD/NT Sales Manager is Powertec’s Corporate Manager looking after large accounts and Telecommunications providers nationally. He will be working out of the Gold Coast offices.
muir.groves@powertec.com.au; 0416 588 555

Andrew Winton
Still very much involved in car racing, Andrew has joined Powertec as Corporate Sales Manager handling Telecommunications providers worldwide. He will be working out of the NSW offices.
andrew.winton@powertec.com.au; 0416 000 006

Dennis Amundsen
WA Sales Manager living in Mandurah with a long history of successfully combining business with fun!
dennis.amundsen@powertec.com.au; 0429 210 939

Amanda Le Gassick
Is the Sth QLD Sales Manager with a keen interest in football and based in our Gold Coast office.
amanda.legassick@powertec.com.au; 0450 439 987

Brenton Roy
Ex Vic is Nth NSW Sales Manager and based in the Gold Coast Offices, QLD.
brenton.roy@powertec.com.au; 0447 428 424

Georgia Crawley
A proud Kiwi, Georgia has moved across from the Customer Relationship Management Team to become Sales Manager of New Zealand.
georgia.crawley@powertec.com.au; 07 5577 0500

Tom Bolton
New to Powertec, ex Vita Group/Telstra has joined as Nth QLD NT Sales Manager based in Townsville, QLD.
tom.bolton@powertec.com.au; 0419 925 343

Nathan De Heaume
New to Powertec, ex CUA Branch Manager and JB Hi Fi has joined as Sth NSW and ACT Sales Manager based near Wollongong.
nathan.deheaume@powertec.com.au; 0438 410 273

Adam Holyoak
New to Powertec with experience in construction and car industries, Adam has joined Powertec as VIC Sales Manager based in Ballarat.
adam.holyoak@powertec.com.au; 0438 269 930

In addition to the Regional Managers above, Powertec have two dedicated Sales Support professionals based in the Gold Coast for phone and email sales:


07 5577 0500

Powertec specialises in distributing Mobile, Wi-Fi and IT technology products.

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