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Critical alerts should not be delivered by a single channel only such as e-mail. Unfortunately, many organisations after investing thousands of dollars to monitor the health of networks, systems, and applications rely predominantly on email alerts.

Organisations need real-time notifications which support out of band delivery and promote faster response times. SMS, Email, and multiple media delivery channels are all supported by sendQuick notification management system. It is designed to centralise, consolidate, correlate, and precisely deliver alerts and notifications from various monitoring platforms. 

The sendQuick difference

  • Consolidate alerts from various management platforms
  • 100% Out of band (OOB) support via SMS, and demand-based messaging
  • Automated processes via sendQuick’s intelligent policy engine
  • Real-time notification and escalation
  • API integration to any application
  • Notification Smart Routing allows precise and efficient delivery to designated individuals and groups for immediate action
  • Bi-directional (2-Way) communication allows interactive mode
  • Flexible interface provides broad integration options
  • Purpose built API provides sensible integration methods
  • Integration with social messengers for a cohesive communication strategy

sms alerts

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