Cel-Fi for Telstra is Moving to WAVE App Registration

We will be starting our first step in moving to customer registration using the Cel-Fi WAVE smart phone App. This will affect all Telstra GO and PRO customers.

What this means for you?

Until we advise, customers are still required to complete the usual online registration on the Cel-Fi website, however when the customer receives a Cel-Fi it will also require registration using the WAVE App to activate.

How do you activate the unit?

  1. Download the WAVE App from the Apple or Android store
  2. Run the App next to the Cel-Fi and it will connect via bluetooth
  3. Once connected it will pop up with the registration form to complete. Note this form is much shorter that the orginal web based form.
  4. Complete and submit the form
  5. The unit will now be active

Note: Internet acess is required to run the WAVE app.

Why are we moving to App registration?

This is a software upgrade from Nextivity and Telstra. It will eventually enable dealers to carry stock and not have to complete the online registration form each time they order.

When will online applications stop?

We are hopeful to receive approval from Telstra in the next month or so to stop the website application process and then only have the WAVE App registration running.

What if a customer moves the Cel-Fi GO Stationary or PRO to another location?

The units will now have location lock enabled and if Cel-Fi cannot see the orginal cell towers at the first time of registration, then an error notification will appear. The customer then needs to register the device again at the new location. This feature is to assist carriers with the location of all Cel-Fi units on their network. It does not apply to the GO Mobile unit.

What if internet is not available at the customer location?

  • Registration can be done in a nearby location with internet access as long as one of the cell towers picked up is the same as at the customer location.
  • Cel-Fi will operate for a period of 14 minutes before the registration is required to be submitted, giving boosted mobile signal to your phone and hopefully internet access. 
  • After each registration, the unit will wait for 30 hrs to lock down again, so the installer can register for the customers and then get it over to the site within this time (the travel time does not count as the unit will be kept turned off I assume).  

    Even though tower list is completely new it will remain unlocked, but after 30 hrs it will lock down.

What you see when registering

When a customer connects the Cel-Fi  unit this is what they will see:

GO – button LED will be solid (green, red or blue to say connected to network), but error LED will flash red

PRO – Registration required will be displayed on LCD screen, but connection to the tower can be seen

Once customer runs WAVE this is what pops up:

Cel-Fi Registration 1  celfi registration 2celfi registration image 3 

When they press the register button, the unit takes 2-10 seconds to register and they get a ‘successful’ on the screen. The unit then starts working normally instantly.

Internet is required on their phone

More information on the new WAVE App registration can be found at http://www.cel-fi.com/register/