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Optus Repeaters

Optus Signal Booster / Optus Boosters

The Cel-Fi Mobile Signal Boosters will boost up and repeat the Optus mobile signal within a house, office or warehouse.

With Cel-Fi being 100% legal in Australia, they have been tested by Optus and approved for use on the Optus Mobile Network.

Optus Signal Booster Models

Cel-Fi for Optus 3G - supports 3G (900/21000MHz)
Cel-Fi PRO for Optus 3G/4G - supports 3G and 4G Plus (900/1800/21000/2600MHz)


A handful of Optus Cel-Fi RS2 customers have reported their Cel-Fi suddenly stop working and showing an “E1” error meaning “no Network signal”.

Investigation into the problem has resulted in the discovery that Optus have made minor changes to their 900MHz bandwidth causing the Cel-Fi RS2's to stop working showing an E1 Error. You can update the software for each unit to correct this. Please download this link and follow the instructions provided.

Please follow the below steps to reconfigure your unit:

Things you need
- USB cable to connect CU (Coverage Unit) to windows computer. (Android phone USB cable will work.)
- Download necessary files from HERE

  1. Power up both the units, wait until CU flashes E1 or E6.
  2. Connect your USB cable to CU via windows Computer.
  3. Run “CDM20802_Setup”. Wait for 10 seconds as it will install in background.
  4. Run “Install FTDI Device Driver”. Wait until install finishes and the black window disappears.
  5. Run “Nextivity RedHawk”.
  6. Put username: powertec
  7. Put password: 12345
  8. Click “Connect to CU”.
  9. On drop down list select “Optus”.
  10. Click “GO” and wait till the status box says “Configuration update verified. Done.”

Your unit should now work.  If you continue to experience troubles, please complete a Technical Support Ticket HERE

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