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Latest Blog
  • Apr 18 2018

    The Robustel M1000 PRO has recently had an upgrade to the firmware. Download the firmware or contact Technical Support for assistance.

    M2M Go Rugged M1000Pro 

  • Mar 1 2018
    We will be starting our first step in moving to customer registration using the Cel-Fi WAVE smart phone App. This will affect all Telstra GO and PRO customers. Please read on to see what this means for you.
  • Feb 26 2018
    There will be cases where you are required to install multiple Cel-Fi PRO’s in a building to cover a larger area, add capacity for a larger number of users, add another operator, extend the coverage using daisy chaining (max of two system).
  • Jan 16 2018

    The accelerated rise of instant messaging apps as a preferred mode of communication amongst the millennials has opened a new avenue of communication for companies. So, how should a business which has global operations, communicate with different audiences in different markets?

  • Oct 27 2017

    The Telstra version 3G only model Cel-Fi RS250 has now reached end of life with no stock available to purchase. These will now be replaced with the 3G/4G Cel-Fi PRO for Telstra.

  • Oct 27 2017

    The Spark version 3G only model Cel-Fi RS2 has now reached end of life with no stock available to purchase. These will now be replaced with the 3G/4G Cel-Fi PRO for Spark.

  • Oct 27 2017

    Powertec Telecommunications will be taking a well deserved break over the Festive season and will be closed between 27 Dec 2017 and 1st Jan 2018. Last orders despatched for the year will need to be received by 12pm on Friday 22 Dec 2017.

    christmas 2017 presents

  • Oct 3 2017

    A handful of Optus Cel-Fi RS2 customers have reported their Cel-Fi suddenly stop working and showing an “E1” error meaning “no Network signal”. Read on to find out how you can update your product.

  • Sep 15 2017

  • Aug 18 2017

    Between 1 September and 20 December 2017, Powertec will be running an incentive program for Dealers who sell Altai SuperWi-Fi products.


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