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Latest Blog
  • Sep 17 2018

    One of the benefits of working with the Powertec IoT Division is that if your IoT/E concept has not been done before, we are happy to do a small scale proof of concept for your client to prove that it is possible.  Some of the testing we are currently running for clients is very exciting and may well have applications within your own network. 

  • Sep 17 2018

    Working with Powertec to invest in the future of their fleet of vacation vehicles, publicly listed Apollo Motorhomes is in the process of rolling out advanced IoT trackers across 2,700 of their vans in both Australia and New Zealand.

  • Sep 4 2018

    We are gearing up for increased connectivity and IoT requirements from our NZ Dealers. To this end we will be stocking in our NZ Warehouse more gateway, router and modem products, antennas, cables and lightening arrestor kits.

  • Sep 3 2018

    Powertec has just been recognised by the City of Gold Coast as the August 2018 monthly winner of the Mayor's Innovation GC Award, part of their Business Excellence Program.

    gold coast business excellence awards 2018 august

  • Aug 23 2018
    Powertec officially unveiled their complete end to end IoE ecosystem, myinsight.io in July 2018. Marking the occasion with a launch party at our newly refurbished Gold Coast offices opened by the Honourable Rob Molhoek MP, Powertec CEO Raymond Smith, Head of Sales Ran MacDonald, Head of Marketing & Operations Samantha Clifton & Head of Technology Geoff Carroll.
  • Aug 17 2018

    Enterprises can now interact directly with 1.5 billion WhatsApp users globally on a secure and private channel. This presents a fantastic opportunity for companies to build deeper connections with customers, thereby deliver a higher value and superior customer experience.

  • Jul 25 2018

    Powertec Telecommunications is very proud to have been recognised and named as a 2018 winner of the Westpac 200 Businesses of Tomorrow Award this month for our vision and drive within the Internet of Everything (IoE) arena.

  • Jul 24 2018

    One of the biggest challenges in the telecommunications industry is to provide best value for money for the client particularly where antennas are required due to the many options, variations and quality levels available.

  • Jul 23 2018

    This revolutionary product allows the installation of sensor networks using Wi-Fi, LoRa, and/or NB-IoT. This device allows you to deploy a range of sensors to divert data back to a cloud or on-premise dashboard.

    connectivity module

  • Jul 19 2018

    Our Customer Relationship Management Team is available for all your enquiries about products and to assist you with your orders. The team can be contacted on 07 5577 0500 or by email: sales@powertec.com.au.

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