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Excl. Tax: AU$1,716.20 Incl. Tax: AU$1,887.82
Excl. Tax: AU$1,005.75 Incl. Tax: AU$1,106.33
Excl. Tax: AU$1,005.00 Incl. Tax: AU$1,105.50
Excl. Tax: AU$1,132.00 Incl. Tax: AU$1,245.20
Excl. Tax: AU$1,123.00 Incl. Tax: AU$1,235.30
Excl. Tax: AU$952.00 Incl. Tax: AU$1,047.20
Excl. Tax: AU$1,315.00 Incl. Tax: AU$1,446.50
Excl. Tax: AU$1,260.00 Incl. Tax: AU$1,386.00
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Excl. Tax: AU$1,145.00 Incl. Tax: AU$1,259.50
Latest Blog
  • Oct 3 2017
    A change in Optus Bandwidths has some Cel-Fi RS2's in WA showing Error E1. Read on to find out how you can update your product.
  • Sep 15 2017

  • Aug 18 2017

    Between 1 September and 20 December 2017, Powertec will be running an incentive program for Dealers who sell Altai SuperWi-Fi products.


  • Nov 7 2017

    ONV Network Switches are rigorously screened to ensure durability, superior performance, stability and environmental adaptability.

    Network Switches

  • Jul 7 2017
    We have spent some months working on the restructure of Powertec to improve contact with our expanding Australia-wide reseller base. The result is some very exciting changes that are now in place and will provide additional support to Dealers in the field. Please take a moment to run through the changes and how they will affect you.
  • Jul 7 2017

    As always with restructures there is a need to review policies to ensure they line up with Company plans moving forward. We recommend that all Powertec Resellers take a moment to read the updated Terms & Conditions of Service which take effect 1 July 2017 for all new Dealers and from 1 August 2017 for all existing Dealers.

    terms and conditions of service

  • Apr 10 2017
    Connect with Powertec technical experts with our series of short online and face to face training sessions. Online sessions should last approx. 30 minutes and will allow you to put a name to a face in order to receive ongoing support and advice to assist with your clients.
  • Oct 4 2017
    Powertec Telecommunications is delighted to announce the appointment of Amanda Le Gassick as the NSW Sales Manager. Amanda will provide her support and expertise to our Dealer channel in this area.
  • Mar 1 2017

    The year 2016 saw a rise in cyber-attacks, both ransom-ware and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) on small and large corporations globally. 49%* of companies were subjected to some form of cyber-ransom attack in 2016.

    Sendquick Alert Plus

  • Feb 21 2017

    Solar and wind powered solutions are the cleanest and greenest source or energy to help power your home or business. Powertec now offer packs (assembled or not) to suit your application.

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