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Latest Blog
  • Jan 31 2019
    Wi-Fi Communications System for Mining Industry.
  • Jan 31 2019

    Powetec are your connectivity experts - helping to connect all Australians nation-wide. Cel-Fi is a legal repeater and has been approved by Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. You can purchase from resellers around Australia and receive assistance with your particular coverage problem from local experts. Contact Powertec today on 07 5577 0500 to learn more about the connectivity solutions that are available to you. You can find out more about the product HERE.

  • Aug 1 2019

    Improve your retail presence with the combined Cel-Fi and Blackhawk retail stand.

  • Jul 1 2019
    Cel-Fi GO2 for Vodafone is now available.
  • Dec 7 2018

    Cel-Fi Quatra is now available for the Vodafone Network.

  • Nov 19 2018
  • Nov 9 2018

    Many staff at Powertec will be taking a break over the holiday season. Minimal but key staff will be available between Christmas and New Year in Sales, Support and Despatch.  

  • Dec 10 2018

    Geoff Carroll, Powertec's Head of Technical Department will be presenting some of Powertec's recent work at the Brisbane GFIA Expo. Powertec's cutting edge myinsight.io eco system is a full service offering for Internet of Everything requirements specialising in the agricultural industry. We have a number of working models and projects currently in operation at farms around Australia.

  • Oct 12 2018
    Altai has lately launched its new member of Wave 2 products for indoor dual band access, IX500, which will be available in Australia and New Zealand by the 1st quarter of 2019.
  • Oct 5 2018
    Optus are currently making changes to their network which may affect your Optus Cel-Fi RS2 system. Some of these changes may result but are not limited to the following symptoms: An E1 or E6 error indicator on the LED display, dropouts, weak or no available signal or other unusual behaviour.

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