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Latest Blog
  • Aug 1 2019

    Improve your retail presence with the combined Cel-Fi and Blackhawk retail stand.

  • Jul 1 2019
    Cel-Fi GO2 for Vodafone is now available.
  • Dec 7 2018

    Cel-Fi Quatra is now available for the Vodafone Network.

  • Nov 19 2018
  • Nov 9 2018

    Many staff at Powertec will be taking a break over the holiday season. Minimal but key staff will be available between Christmas and New Year in Sales, Support and Despatch.  

  • Dec 10 2018

    Geoff Carroll, Powertec's Head of Technical Department will be presenting some of Powertec's recent work at the Brisbane GFIA Expo. Powertec's cutting edge myinsight.io eco system is a full service offering for Internet of Everything requirements specialising in the agricultural industry. We have a number of working models and projects currently in operation at farms around Australia.

  • Oct 12 2018
    Altai has lately launched its new member of Wave 2 products for indoor dual band access, IX500, which will be available in Australia and New Zealand by the 1st quarter of 2019.
  • Oct 5 2018
    Optus are currently making changes to their network which may affect your Optus Cel-Fi RS2 system. Some of these changes may result but are not limited to the following symptoms: An E1 or E6 error indicator on the LED display, dropouts, weak or no available signal or other unusual behaviour.
  • May 10 2018
    Village Roadshow is Australia's largest theme park operator, with over 5 Million guests annually at their theme parks. They recently moved all their arcade games over to a cashless payment system, and discovered problematic mobile signal.
  • Oct 5 2018
    Leader in connectivity solutions, Powertec Telecommunications, has been shortlisted in one of Australia’s longest-standing business awards program - the prestigious Optus My Business Awards.

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