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Latest Blog
  • May 24 2019
    Powertec Telecommunications was invited to showcase our myinsight.io precision Ag IoT/E solution at the Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) 2018 Red Meat digital forum.
  • May 7 2019

    Last Tuesday, 23 April, Powertec Telecommunications were selected as 1 of 3 finalists for the Evolving Innovator category of the 2019 CRN IMPACT Awards.

  • Apr 29 2019

    All your questions answered regarding the ongoing refarming of the 2100 band. The carriers are currently in the process of re-farming their 3G 2100 band to 4G 2100. Basically, they are switching it from 3G to 4G to improve capacity on 4G.

  • Apr 16 2019

  • Apr 15 2019

    The Internet of Things (IoT) or the Internet of Everything (IoE) is the flavour of the month and with it generates a lot of hype around what it will do for you and how it can revolutionise your industry.

  • Sep 4 2019
    The Gold Coast Malloy family completed a 10 month ‘Big Lap’ around Australia where travellers Craig and Kelly continued to manage their business remotely (with the help of some very competent staff). While Australia gets a big tick for our amazing outback and culture, we unfortunately have a red cross against us where regional and remote mobile phone coverage is concerned.  So how were the Malloy’s able to get over their communication drawbacks?
  • Jan 4 2019

    Easter warehouse and office trading hours

  • Jan 4 2019

    Check out all the marketing materials that you can request for promoting your products.

  • Apr 1 2019

    From script to screen, working on-set for a blockbuster film is an all hands-on deck production.

  • Mar 28 2019

    As a market-leading business, Symbion is committed to investing in the world’s best technologies, to increase efficiency for its customers and respond to the future demands of Australia’s healthcare landscape. 

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